The answer is simple and the impact is profound. You can change your world in 90 seconds a day by reclaiming two tiny words in your vocabulary:

– brag
– celebrate

Deceptively simple, yes?

The Master Plan

~•~•~ ~•~•~ the reason it matters ~•~•~ ~•~•~
Bragging, as defined in the #BragOutLoud Universe:

Bragging in our little corner of the universe is simple, far less negative, than the big-headed boasting we assume it to be.  A reclaiming of the concept.

Bragging is simply a recognition of a moment in time.

Key things to notice: there is no qualifier attached to this definition.  There is a definite and intentional lack of ‘appropriate’ here. No limitations. “A moment” NOT “the moment” or “the best/right/worthy moment.”

Celebration, as defined in the #BragOutLoud Universe:

Culturally we’ve included ‘doing’ with our celebrations and in our little corner of the universe, we’re going to refine it and hopefully throw off the chains and expand our Joy.  

Celebration is intentionally pausing and deepening into what the brag brings you.

Key things to notice: it’s intentional.  Regardless of when we take our 90 seconds, we do so with intention, with focus.  We intentionally expand our Joy. We honor, without the obligation.  We lean into our celebration and we take time for fun!

Reclaiming Our Language

~•~•~ defining brag & celebration ~•~•~

You’re going to change YOUR world!

I’ve always wanted to take over the world, but without any of the effort, potential bloodshed, and like… none of the responsibility.  

Instead, I want YOU to change the world with me and I promise we can do it in 90 seconds a day.

This is my effort towards a cult following that’s going to change the world in the simplest and cheesiest way possible: bragging and celebrating.

It’ll also be fun, engaging, earth tilting, and possibly the hardest thing you’ll do – but that’s the thing with tackling a Universal Truth … it’s the simplest and hardest things that have the greatest, longest, and boldest impact. The coolest things about this little cult adventure: no uniforms, no weird food/drink combos, no pacts signed in blood, and there are no levels or years of service to enlightenment.  

We’re gonna do this thing in 90 seconds.

Here’s the Universal Truth¹ you’ll be wrestling with…. tackling…. mastering …. exploring (so cheesy, a common theme you’ll see).

Cultivation of Joy is the key to sustaining your sanity.

Total ‘duh!’, right?  So obvious. The pursuit of Joy is why people do everything: work crappy jobs to pay for the things we need to survive and thrive.  Why we overindulge at any time we can (food=Joy, drugs=Joy, baby animals=Joy, orgasms=Joy, consuming=Joy) with the hope that we’ll feel better.  The ultimate, feel better is … Joy.

Right.  Ok, so what?!  Well, I think that we’ve reserved Joy for special occasions, for things that are worthy².  Which is silly and detrimental to the human spirit.

Prepare to take Joy down off that vaunted shelf and sprinkle
that shi… stuff everywhere!  

In the #BragOutLoud & Celebration Central group, we’ll be taking a dive into why we need to do this, how we’ve culturally screwed ourselves out of Joy, what to do to pull out of burnout, what it’s gonna take to change the world (answer: 90 seconds), and how to do it all without more work. Cool, right?

For now, these are things you need to buy into and join us in our community so you can be the best little non-cultist possible:

  • Joy is the goal
  • Joy is attainable with 90 seconds of #BragOutLoud & #Celebrate
  • A smidgen of faith that it’ll make sense
  • The promise that you’re not going to feel obligated to #BragOutLoud every day; guilt gets us worse than nowhere. In fact, it sets us backwards. None of that, thanks.
  • This adventure is a personal, cultural rebellion and revolution.

I’m making a sweeping declaration that we’re taking back our lives and the world, in the easiest and funnest way possible. Ever.

Sound sorta like a plan?  Great!


¹ Universal Truth: that thing everyone knows is true, because it transcends culture, status, and time.  It’s also a lifelong pursuit in application and understanding.  See also: worth it.
² Worthy: total moving target, made of mush, expectations, dribble, and undefined & unattainable parameters that wiggle in and out of sight.  See also: painful  

Getting The Hang Of It

~•~•~ a safe place to practice ~•~•~

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to practice.

We’re creatures of habit, humans, and when we take on new things, it’s best to practice them in a safe and understanding environment.  #BragOutLoud is no exception.

I know what it’s like to hit on something that’s so simple, it makes you stumble.  When we try to implement such new understandings, it’s vital that we do so in a space that makes it easy to follow along, jump back in, and ask real questions.  To experience the ease and struggle with a small group of people who are practicing and mastering it right alongside you.

Safe spaces are key and I happen to have one!

You can join us here, in our #BragOutLoud treefort on Facebook:

We practice all of this goodness, take it deeper, share our experiences, and rally together.

I’d love to see you join us, we’re gonna change the entire freaking world the easiest, fastest, and least painful way possible.  It’s already started and I couldn’t be more geeked about it!

Parting Thoughts

~•~•~ the real reason we #BragOutLoud ~•~•~

Everything Counts; no really.

I genuinely want the world to be a radically different place.  A place where we recognize the sheer volume of work we do just to exist as humans.

When we start to recognize and brag on all of this: the way we see our own world changes, which changes the world.  This isn’t just a silly semantic game.  It’s our lives.  It’s your life.

You deserve to have a life you can brag about with ease, grace, and a solid dose of serenity.

So, I say again: come join us.


Get a feel for how liberating it is to have a safe space to brag about the big things, the money, the crappy days (barely surviving a craptacular day is definitely worth celebrating and bragging about!), the tiny little wins.  Feel what it feels like to increase your capacity for joy, without having to disappear from your current life.

Do a major upgrade to your life, have faith that you can do it, and jump in the pool with us.  The water is lovely, we have floaties for newbies, and the sisterhood is worth it’s weight in afternoon drinks and scrumptious appetizers.

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